Anclote Anchorage Fishing Report

Pushlished On: March 18, 2023


Anclote Anchorage Fishing Report

Pushlished On: March 18, 2023



Anclote Anchorage

Joshua Lee Guy
Tampa, FL
  • A Child-Friendly Fishing Charter In Florida
Joshua Lee Guy
A Child-Friendly Fishing Charter In Florida
Tampa, FL

I had a client book a single person charter this week. I’d never met him until the day of the charter. He was adamant he be on the boat regardless of weather, winds, red tide…. It didn’t matter. He was on vacation and his wife was headed to Crystal River to see the manatees. I asked if he wanted to get our early with me for bait. His response was absolutely. Ironically we got to watch manatees while getting skunked on bait,Getting bait was terrible. No one was getting them- guys went north others went south. I looked at Mark and said man, we maybe throwing artificials today. He response again surprised me… Josh, I’m on a boat and if we don’t catch a thing, I’m good. 
I was at a loss- other guys that knew what to do and where to go were lost too. I did what i always do and went against the grain, literally into 2-3 foot chop. Knowing the waves were going to be brutal on the way back. When we stopped i see a shimmer and a glimmer of hope. The green backs are sitting there. I tell mark to throw the lure I’ve rigged up for him while i chum up these little rays of sunshine. I throw the cast net and i have more greenbacks than I’ve had the last two days! 3. My second and third cast the game is on! Fighting the wind we head to fish- on the way to our 1st spot, i change my mind and stop. As we approach, i see a massive school of reds! I grab the newest rod and reel to my arsenal, a 13 Fishing Omen paired with the brand new Axum 4.0. Bammmm Mark is on! He lands a 25” fat red! What he says next floors me. “MAN THIS IS THE ONLY FiSH I WANTED TO CATCH!” I’m in disbelief, but i knew then i had him hooked. We spent the remainder of the day watching a lot of fish. We were Stalking and sight casting to reds, snook and trout…most would not eat. I told him we’re about to come around this corner and it’s been holding fish, but i haven’t had a hook up here, ever! Again there’s a huge school! I baited the hook and told Mark to cast as far as he could… again he was on! Near the end of the trip he tells I’m a true professional. He thanked me for everything i did to make his trip. It’s still hard to believe, that I’m doing what I’m doing, to earn a living.

Gear & Tackle Used:

live green backs 


Heavy Fishing Pressure

Water clarity

Crystal Clear, Over 12 Feet

Scenic setting

Trees & Logs in Water


Soft Plastic

Weather data


Weather at 11:14 am



Feels 70



Low 60



Gusts 25



Dew 57

07:38 AM

07:40 PM

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