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Welcome to the fishing reports page of Nordic Fishing Charters and Excursions, helmed by Captain Joshua Guy, the premier fishing charter in Tampa, Florida. Stay up-to-date with the latest fishing conditions and catch highlights through our comprehensive fishing reports. Get valuable insights into the best fishing spots, techniques, and bait for various species found in the rich waters of Tampa Bay. Captain Joshua Guy's in-depth knowledge and years of experience ensure accurate and timely reports that help anglers plan their fishing trips effectively. Whether you're targeting snook, redfish, trout, or tarpon, our fishing reports provide valuable information to maximize your chances of success. Join the Nordic Fishing Charters and Excursions community today, and embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure tailored to your preferences. Book your charter with Captain Joshua Guy and experience the thrill of fishing in the abundant waters of Tampa Bay.

We get these questions a lot: Do I need a fishing license in Florida? Can you eat fish from Tampa Bay? What sea is Tampa on? Firstly, yes you do need a fishing license in Florida in order to go fishing, it costs $17 for a 3-day fishing license. Fish from Tampa Bay are generally low in mercury so yes you are able to eat them as long as they are of legal size. Tampa is on the Gulf of Mexico.

Nordic Fishing Charters and Excursions offer a wide variety of fishing trips for you to choose from. These charters are custom fit for your budget, time, and desires. Multiple locations for you to indulge in, just choose how many hours you are comfortable in and you are good to go! These hours vary from 3-hour, 4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour, and 8-hour trips. Plenty of options each, carefully thought of to provide success for any Florida fishing trip you book. Aside from fishing charters, scalloping charters, seashell collecting, and a very beautiful sunset cruise is available for you to book today. Just select which date you like and Captain Joshua will be more than happy to accompany you on the best Tampa fishing charter you will ever experience!

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April 26, 2023

Reds n snooks!

Double header redfish trout and snook! 
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April 10, 2023

Rick and Fam

Rick his family came into town looking for fun! the winds were blowing! it made it tough to find tye fish at 1st! once we settled into the mangroves the fish started making it to the boat!  
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April 5, 2023

Family days are the best days!

Urnest got his boys and father out for some fishing! everyone was out fishkng. it was a tough bite until we got away from the other boats and found a bunch of snook and even landed a Goliath Grouper (removed from water to safely release).
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March 27, 2023


the bait was a little tough in the morning. Once they showed up, it was on! romnie and wayne boated 30 snook in less than an hour. 
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March 17, 2023

Chris and family

chris contacted me about a beech day. i was able ti grt his family out to anclote island. we did some fishing while the kids played in the sand. we landed some small whiting, which is a good sign theyll be here again soon! 
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March 17, 2023


I had a client book a single person charter this week. I’d never met him until the day of the charter. He was adamant he be on the boat regardless of weather, winds, red tide…. It didn’t matter. He was on vacation and his wife was headed to Crystal River to see the manatees. I asked if he wanted to get our early with me for bait. His response was absolutely. Ironically we got to watch manatees while getting skunked on bait,Getting bait was terrible. No one was getting them- guys went north others went south. I looked at Mark and said man, we maybe throwing artificials today. He response again surprised me… Josh, I’m on a boat and if we don’t catch a thing, I’m good. 
I was at a loss- other guys that knew what to do and where to go were lost too. I did what i always do and went against the grain, literally into 2-3 foot chop. Knowing the waves were going to be brutal on the way back. When we stopped i see a shimmer and a glimmer of hope. The green backs are sitting there. I tell mark to throw the lure I’ve rigged up for him while i chum up these little rays of sunshine. I throw the cast net and i have more greenbacks than I’ve had the last two days! 3. My second and third cast the game is on! Fighting the wind we head to fish- on the way to our 1st spot, i change my mind and stop. As we approach, i see a massive school of reds! I grab the newest rod and reel to my arsenal, a 13 Fishing Omen paired with the brand new Axum 4.0. Bammmm Mark is on! He lands a 25” fat red! What he says next floors me. “MAN THIS IS THE ONLY FiSH I WANTED TO CATCH!” I’m in disbelief, but i knew then i had him hooked. We spent the remainder of the day watching a lot of fish. We were Stalking and sight casting to reds, snook and trout…most would not eat. I told him we’re about to come around this corner and it’s been holding fish, but i haven’t had a hook up here, ever! Again there’s a huge school! I baited the hook and told Mark to cast as far as he could… again he was on! Near the end of the trip he tells I’m a true professional. He thanked me for everything i did to make his trip. It’s still hard to believe, that I’m doing what I’m doing, to earn a living.
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March 16, 2023

Stalking redfish

Mark came in from Vegas. He wanted to find redfish. We found them! They were very skittish. The water was gin clear. We were able to sight cast to them. Mark landed two really nice 25” reds. Fishing the mangroves we landed another red later in the day.     
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March 8, 2023

Flats to 30 foot of water

the day started off slow in the flats. we found 100s of snook and reds in the flats- they just would not eat. We headed off shore to 30' of water. we found a triple tail or two on the way. the grouper bite was good- lost a few big king fish. 
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February 17, 2023

Snook Fishing the Anclote from Tarpon Springs!

Had an absolute blast with some awesome people! This tarpon springs fishing charter involved some great young anglers reeling in some nice SNook all morning! We caught a couple other species like this nice Jack Crevalle, too!
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November 28, 2022


took Rob out and we went looking for some grouper! 
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November 26, 2022

Foggy triple tail trip

We tried getting steve out for his birthday with his grandsons, the fog made it difficult. We found some triple tail and then went looking for reds as the tide came in. However, baby Bjorn was ready to head back to port! 

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November 7, 2022

7th birthday trip!

Gabe got out for his 7th birthday and we stalked down and sight casted to some big reds!